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Email Options

You are able to choose the way you receive email notifications from each group. Your Options are:
  • No Email - I will read this group on the web
  • Abridged Email (Once per day or for every 100 messages) - Get a summary of new activity each day
  • Digest Email (Approximately 1 email per day) - Get up to 25 full new messages bondled into a single email
  • Email - Send each message as it arrives
Email is the default setting.  Do the following to change your email settings:
  1. When you are logged into Google Apps in the upper left corner of your browser window you will have links to all of the different Apps available: Mail, Calendar etc... Click on Groups.
  2. Under My Groups, there will be a list of all the Groups you are a member of. Click Manage my memberships.
  3. Change the settings to your preference and click Save Group Settings.